Tikmin is 3D puzzle and strategy game, where you explore an island inhibited by a tribe of Tiki-mask wearing people known as the Tikmin. You use the tikmin that follow you to solve puzzles and find a way to return home.


I was responsible for implementing Lua scripting in our engine, both exposing C++ functions to Lua for our Level Designers to work with and parsing, and running, Lua code in the game. I also implemented trigger volumes that by default called "OnEnter" and "OnExit" Lua functions, for the level designers to easily script events.

I worked very closely with our Level Designers, to give them the ability to comfortably design the interactions between objects, the player, and minions in Their world. We communicated daily, giving feedback about how the current script toolset worked for them and what they would like to be able to do.

The code flow is entirely based on events and callbacks, and is multi-threaded.

Graphical Programming

I made it easier for our Level Designers and Artists to add properly coloured lighting, rendering the game using High Dynamic Range.

I added Colour Grading to assist our Artists in making the game look like they wanted it to, which helped sell our stylised art style. 

I collaborated to implement a texture splatting solution to render different textures on the terrain and blend between them.


I was responsible for the object allocations in the engine, how it created game objects and attached components to them, and deleted them.

This game required a major rework of which kinds of components we used and how they communicated with each other, as well as support for children game objects.