Riverboat Miner

Riverboat Miner is a 2D exploration and adventure RPG, in which you blow up bandits and collect resources such as coal and gold to venture further along the river and reach new and unknown destinations.

particle editor

I developed a particle editor in C# with a live preview window that ran the game engine with the current  data as a particle effect. The tool saved data as a json file, and could load previously made particle effects. It could have several open particle effects at the same time, switching between the active one with a tab system.

I also implemented the necessary C++ classes and interfaces to easily create a new particle emitter from a json file, and change their behavior from other objects and events.

It was used by our artists to make effects for:

  • Blood
  • Mining
  • Smoke
  • Water


I was responsible for enemies, including AI, data structures and code design, LODs for behavior/Collision/Rendering, animations and states, and allowing our designers to work agile by exposing data.


I implemented and maintained collisions (with debugging interfaces) for the boat, enemies, dynamite boxes, interactions, explosions, and was a part of the implementation of the tiling design-placed terrain collision.