Privet Ferretski

Privet Ferretski is a 2D stealthy platformer, where you play as Russian ferret and together with your best friend Chameleon break into mafia buildings and steal their most valuable belongings.


My main responsibility for this game was the shadows, our core feature. The shadows were made using a fullscreen effect, taking data from the game world and the light sources and building triangles of light, that with a blend state changes the triangles into light color, and the alpha channel into dark shadows.


The light rays also had collision detection, to determine if Ferretski was visible or not, which in turn determined if he was spotted and killed in the enemies cone of vision.

Room transitions

I implemented support for our level designers to change the room with a trigger box and ability to change the state of the game, including turning lights on and off, moving blocks, changing camera focus point, and disable colliders.

Player movement

I made an early prototype of the players movement and jumping, which was later iterated on. We tested out different approached to traverse the leveling, including wall jumping (which was cut for a grappling hook), jumping, pulling and pushing boxes, and crawling through narrow areas.