Neon is a first person shooter with a heavy emphasis on neon colors and emissive lighting, where you enter a computer system to rid it of nasty glitches. 


Going into the project we knew feedback would be important to make the game feel responsive and fun, so I spent a great deal of the projects time on feedback effects, i.e muzzleflash, enemy hit flashes and camera shakes, and to open up those system to be easily tuned by designers and artistic people alike.

Boss fight

I opened up more Lua functions for the boss fight, and made event callbacks on entities dying, and then scripted the boss in Lua as well as making it easy for the level design to tweak the rate of enemies spawning and when. 

Extended engine support

I made changes to the engine to make it easier to check collision of objects versus each other.

I also worked very closely with the game play programmers to incorporate new systems, like proper physics, in the engine.