Chai Force

Chai Force is a 2D shoot 'em up in which you play as Kim-Jong Un, to fulfilling your father's dying wish: "Could I have a cup of tea?" you set out on an adventure over to world, to get the best possible tea for your father.

Level management

I designed the system to spawn and manage enemies in the level, which was read from a json file saved from the third party program Tiled. This also included enemy behaviors and their movement paths, as well as when to spawn bosses or progress to next enemy wave or level.


I made 6 out of the 8 bosses from instructions, drawings and LDDs provided by our level designers and together with them iterated on how they worked and felt.

BOnus stage

As an extra feature I made an endless bonus stage, which will keep spawning waves upon waves of enemies in increasing difficulty, as well as occasional bosses with shorter time in between. The stage was unlocked after beating the game, and saved its score and time alive for your next session.