ashes of eternity

Ashes of Eternity is a battle arena game, where you throw spells to knock out your opponents from the arena.


I made a custom particle system to fit the game to cheaply gain some feedback on the spells, as well as implemented the spell shaders in the engine.

Gameplay servers

I made a gameplay server system, where the game play server is seperate from the main login servers, and game servers are created dynamically depending on need and server load, and assigned to clients who ready up for a game. Upon every player leaving the game, the server shuts down itself and disconnects from the main server, after sending back the results of the game.

Networked gameplay

I collaborated on the networked gameplay which logic is ran server side and then synced to the clients. I made spells and a system to sync and spawn them over multiple clients, as well as remove and spawn effects. 



Game programming and Design: Robin Widegren and Axel Emanuelsson

Server programming: Robin Widegren

Database and Login system: Axel Emanuelsson

Background shaders (lava and cobblestone): Hussein Taher